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If you encounter an error on your Internet Download Manager about having a fake serial key, then that should be a bummer. We all know that IDM is one of the best download managers if not yet the number one.  That is why millions of people are using and relying on what IDM can offer in terms of speed. But now that it just keeps showing the error, here is what you should do with IDM Fake serial fix.

For those users who are using IDM full crack and your remedy was detected, that is just normal. The IDM developers are continuously developing a way to detect freeloaders of their services. But thanks to the open-source community who always find a way to get around such restrictions. So if your IDM has that fake serial notification or warning, here is an IDM fake serial fix. Also, if your IDM Chrome extension is malfunctioning, check out how to fix IDM extension problem in Google Chrome.

IDM fake serial fix

Method 1

So here is a way on how you can fix the IDM fake serial key issue. This is the easiest way and does not need you to put your system at risk. Also, we will be providing you a list of other serial keys that are working for this year. You may try them out one at a time until you get the right one that will actually work.

  1. First of all, close the IDM if it is still running in the background. To make sure that it is totally closed, open the Task Manager and by right-clicking on the taskbar and it will show. Look for the IDM components, highlight it and click “End Task”.
  2. Now open the dialogue box by pressing the keys Windows + R.Dialogue box
  3. Then from that box, type REGEDIT and press Enter.
  4. The Registry Editor will pop up. Now click on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  5. From there you may navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER >>Software >>Download ManagerIDM navigate regedit
  6. Then, on the list shown, double-click on the CheckUpdtVM and change the value to 0 (zero).IDM Fake Serial Fix
  7. Click OK and then close all open Windows and restart your computer.
  8. After the reboot, you may now use the IDM normally.
  9. You can use the list of IDM serial keys from the link. Those serial keys are supposed to work for this year that is there are a lot of them.

Method 2

Here is another way to get that IDM fake serial fix for your system. This will only involve renaming a file so you can set the whole error warning back to being gone.

  1. First is to identify where you installed IDM software in your system. You can browse through Windows native file explorer and look for it in the Program Files folder. Or you can use the desktop icon, right click and then click again the “Open File Location”.
  2. Now once you are in the IDM folder, look for the IDMGrHlp.exe and delete it.
  3. Now look for the idmBroker.exe and paste it back into the same folder to create a copy. Now you will have idmBroker.exe-copy.
  4. You may now rename the copy file into IDMGrHlp.exe.
  5. Once that is done, you can now restart your system for the changes to take effect.
  6. You can now enjoy your IDM being back to normal.


The best way to make this methods work is to follow them right and step-by-step. Do not try to shortcut anything just because you are in hurry or any reason you may have. Do what the instruction has told you and everything will be the way you want it to be.

If you have more queries and ideas you think you need to share with us, feel free to put it in the comment section. Rest assured that we will be reading all your comments. Happy downloading!

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